Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Know About the Aqua Spa and Hot Tub Care Process in A Natural Way

A lot of high pressured build ups are being carried by filters every time. Hence, the tubs are running, being drained, and most especially when it being cleaned. Diseases from this kind of bacteria are caused by exposure with polluted water that can commonly be found in pools or tubs that are inadequately maintained.

While contamination from lake water or pond water has been known to occur in some instances, this kind of bacteria is more common in tubs and spas due to the warmer temperature of the water. Hot water can cause a more rapid breakdown of chlorine and other disinfecting factors that can help preserving the potential for spreading bacteria and developing infection.

Natural Solutions and Products:-

Hot tub filters are their essential elements, and the most used parts. A Hot Tub Rash is usually not a serious condition, and tends to go away on its own within a few days. At the natural solution their company committed to carrying the highest quality natural spa and hot tub chemicals. You can definitely enjoy the natural hot tub experience they provide without sitting in a chemical alloy. Their Natural Solution products and Rainbow Rocks are 100% bio-based, manufactured.

Natural Spa is innate and safe for human and for the Environment. Their product not only works better, it costs 60% less than the chlorine, bromine or aqua spa treatment. This natural solution can save your time and money because it truly conditions water to help cleanse it.

Spa and hot tub steps are great for enhancing the safety and comfort of your environment. You will also demand less frequent applications of hot tub chemicals or water refiner. They deliver the original Natural Hot Tub Care solution that is not poisonous to your skin. In fact, they always vary things upon which bacteria feed, grow, and multiply.

Monday, 18 September 2017

How to cure hot tub rash

Inflammation can be an ever growing problem amidst people and there are multiple reasons why many people face inflammation and in most cases many people have no idea they have it. However, people could dismiss the actual fact they have just a little itch or allergy, but in truth it could probably be an inflammation.


Inflammation begins when the hair follicles under your skin are damaged; this may be caused by various things such as friction from clothing, an insect bite, blockage of the follicle and even SHAVING. Yet, in most instances of Inflammation, the damage follicles are then infected with bacteria called 'Staphylococcus'.


Common symptoms of hot tub rash include itching with a rash, pimples or pustules which might crust over, these will form near to the throat, axilla (armpits) and groin or gential region. A diagnosis for Inflammation is basically based on how your skin looks. Getting a laboratory test will show which bacteria or fungus has infected the hair follicles.


There are various treatments that are so called 'Miracle cures' but in actual fact maybe it's just face cream. However there are natural treatments out there are many individuals who have no idea about the natural hot tub care. Soaking in a bathtub of cold water is very effective as it soothes your skin from the itchy allergy. Finally The Natural Solution USA offers a completely detailed guide how to calm and treat Inflammation and the normal shaving rash in just 3 simple steps.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Why should you keep the hot tubs neat and hygienic?

Regardless what we do in our regular lives, it is quite vital to keep our things and our surroundings always neat and hygienic. We all the aware of this, and we also know that if we compromise on these two, it might lead to a bunch of unhealthy things we don’t want to get involved into. Why do we have to maintain the sanitation and neatness of the hot tubs?

You can stay assured of one thing that if you immerse yourself in a tub that has unhealthy or poorly sanitized water, you will surely get health issues. And surely nobody wants to have health issues, specifically when we are hoping relaxation.

This problem starts with bacteria. We know that bacteria love to breed and live in dirty, polluted and unclean water. The worst thing is that these swimming pools and hot tubs are two of their favorite places as they are stagnant and not used often. This is one major aspect of natural hot tub care. However, always keep in mind that there are many simple, hassle free ways to remove these bacteria. Just be sure that the water in the tub is always neat, treated and obviously changed consistently.

There are still many questions regarding what these bacteria can do to you. According to research, here are some of the results you may face if you don’t maintain your tub properly:

Folliculitis: This is also, known as hot tub rash. Technically, it’s a rash caused by bacteria that lives in the tub if the chlorine and the pH levels are not in their balance. This is the most common result of an unhealthy tub, but this is also the simplest treatment procedures that you might have to adopt.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

How can you avoid Hot Tub Rash?

There are different types of hot tub itch and it is vital to have the ability to differentiate between them. One is mild irritation of your skin due to the drying effects of chemical sanitizer . People with light hair tend to be sensitive to dry skin as a result of using hot tubs and spas. This isn't a severe condition and using a moisturizer should help resolve the issue regarding hot tub rash.

Follicular dermatitis, or infections of the head of hair follicle, is a far more severe spa related problem. This is due to the head of hair follicle becoming infected. There are many reasons why this may happen.

When there is no chemical substance sanitizer in the water, which is to state no bromine or chlorine in this inflatable water, then this would allow bacteria levels to expand exponentially in a very short period of the time. Getting into the water during this time frame would expose someone to plenty of bacteria. Depending how long the water has been without sanitizer the type of bacteria in water can be hazardous. It isn't unusual for bacteria to be so dangerous that it could be life-threatening in extreme situations. That is why it is critically important to keep a measurable sanitizer level in this all the time. If the drinking water doesn't have one part per million of free chlorine or 2 ppm of bromine then it isn't safe to use as a part of natural hot tub care.

If you suspect that you have follicular dermatitis, or hot tub rash, you should look for professional medical advice. Many types of this skin bacterial infection won't clear up on its own without the utilization of a topical or antibiotic treatment. 

Friday, 19 May 2017

Is your rash from a pool, hot tub or spa bathing?

As soothing as soaking in a hot tub or unwinding in a swimming pool can be, for some people an allergic reaction might occur resulting in a hot tub rash. Due to the fact this might not occur for up to two days, people might decide to unwind more and to clear up the itchy skin rash.

Those who have allergic reaction to this frequently won’t notice any kind of skin reaction while bathing or swimming in the hot tub. Frequently not being identified as the cause of skin eruptions, the natural hot tub care seems to help in swimming or take a spa bath to let the skin unwind. Luckily, there are other cleaning agents available for tubs, pools and spa waters.

Another possible cause for hot tub rash may be due to the germ Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This may appear as blisters near the hair follicles and cause a bumpy rash. The germ is in soil and water and may infect the skin. It is also termed folliculitis. Disinfectants should be added to the spa or pool water to kill this germ and Ph levels should get their properly checked. Frequently chlorine is used to perform this function.

Checking to see if the hot tub or pool you use is properly cared for and that you don’t have an allergic reaction to the cleaning chemicals is the secret to basking your time swimming or bathing. Infection from this type of bacteria is caused by exposure to polluted water that may commonly be found in tubs or pools that are not maintained properly. While pollution from pond water or lake water has been known to occur in some instances, this type of bacteria is more common in spas and tubs due to the warmer temperature of the water.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Clean the Natural Hot Tub Using the Chemicals; Chlorine & Bromine

If you are the proud owner of a swimming pool and/or a hot tub, then the huge concern now is to take Natural Hot Tub Care and make sure that no one drowns and gets sick or infected by using it. Never put any chemicals into the water to kill the bacteria that might be dangerous to humans as well. The major choices are chorine, bromine, Baquacil and ozone. You are required to be careful because there are harmful health issues with the first two and, for the pools at least, you can't use ozone.

Chlorine has been the great and is still the most familiar form of cleaning the water. However, it is a toxin, which kills things. That is what it is assumed to do. The trouble is that it can be unsafe for humans; although not as toxic as the things it kills, but it can cause Hot Tub Rash on skin. The best thing is to put chlorine sufficient in water to destroy or damage the harmful stuff, but not so much excessive as to damage your health and your loved ones’ too.

Bromine is also called venom but, there are a lot of causes, which says that it is a much better option over chlorine. Its huge evaporation point makes it more durable, so it doesn't stink bad or cause irritation to the eyes. On the other hand, that durability can make it tougher to infuse with the water and clean your skin properly. It also may not be so powerful and active against some bacteria known as chlorine.